On Sight -- No weapons - all tactics!
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Here are some screenshots of On Sight. On top of the images there are explanations of what's going on in the image. The screenshots are taken from On Sight version 1.1 using the maps that come with the game.


Viewing a played game at barricade.map

Here we see what viewing a played game looks like (image size has been reduced to fit the page). This played game is large-antti-ville-20011028.game and it is distributed with the game package. The viewed game was played on the map barricade.map. The green and red coloring all over the game board shows which tiles were owned by which party.

The green party is hiding in the barricade and the red party tries to capture it. It's turn 13 and the red party is still mostly hiding behind walls. As you can see in the game board overview on the bottom left corner of the image, two green units are reaching for the left and right edges of the game board. This is a good tactical choice because then green can crossfire red units which is very effective. To make edge capturing possible, green has one unit at the north edge of the game board securing the other two units' way.

Viewing a game played at barricade.map


Playing a game at medium.map

Here we see an ongoing game at medium.map. It's turn 14 and red party is on. Red has just selected one of his units and is checking where it can see (the yellow highlight shows it). Green units are positioned well. Green can now move his rightmost units southwards and surround the red units.

Playing a game at medium.map

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